10 Amazing Hand Painted Celebrities on One Dollar Bills…

Donovan Clark paints intricate pop culture icons on one dollar bills… And then gives the modified bills away as “A Tip” when he gets a cup of coffee.

We complied a list of our top ten $1 bills. More monetary masterpieces after the Jump.

sticker robot dollar bill by donovan clark

We love  it. Free art &  spontaneous creative generosity. Smile inducing, conversation starting, voluntary acts of random awesomeness…

Can you imagine getting one of these as a tip ? One minute you’re serving some dude a half cap, no foam vente machiatto… The next minute you’re racing to the frame shop to get your one of a kind, Walter White dollar bill behind glass. You can see more Money Art Here and you can follow Donovan on Twitter here.

We talked to Donovan, then combed his archives for our Top Ten – $1 Bill Paintings. So without further delay..

Let the $10 Countdown begin…. (click images for a closer look)

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