Salt and Pepper Stickers… Pretty Clever.

So this guy Zoltron walks into a restaurant and orders dinner… transparent stickers Ok, this is pretty clever. We printed some clear vinyl stickers for the folks at Zoltron Industries. Most restaurants here in the U.S. have a fairly standard set of Salt and Pepper shakers, two or three inches tall, glass, metal cap… The Zoltron stickers were designed to fit perfectly on these generic condiment dispensers. By printing transparent stickers, the Salt shakers look as is they were created at the factory with Zoltron’s logo. You can Order a set of 20 Salt and Pepper Sticker for $10 Right Here. Here’s a gallery of images of the See-through vinyl stickers that we printed for Zoltron’s “Diner-Adornment” project. Hell, they even sent the UC Davis “Pepper Spray Cop” some free Pepper Stickers. I’d mark this down as a winning campaign.
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