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Amazing Hand Carved Star Wars Crayons!

Even though the “May the 4th Be With You” Madness can get a little tiring, we are always big fans of (Pre-Annakin) Star Wars, Pop Culture references, especially when it has to do with carving crayolas with a tiny blade to make undeniably awesome Chewbaccas 


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A Sadomasochistic Pacman Sticker for the Win…

  A slew of classy PacMan® stickers that we printed for our friend Michael Whiting. Clear Vinyl. Circular. Die Cut. And Loaded with all sorts of classy 80s video game, bondage connotations. die cut pac man sticker decals

A Clever Sticker Campaign…

Considering lots of people forage for sustenance from trash cans, this is a pretty excellent and effective Sticker Campaign.

clever sticker project

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Sticker Robot Artist Profile: Steve Schumacher’s Epic Sculptures

Steve Schumacher is one of our awesome sticker customers. He is an amazing artist, who over the years has Sculpted and Designed characters from Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Lord of the Rings, Venture Bros, Jessica Rabbit, Disney and countless others…

lord of the rings gandalf sculpture sticker robot profile Schumacher

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20 Reconstituted “Pop Culture Portraits” that would make Frankenstein proud…

Last year, we posted what would become one of our most popular blog entries… It was entitled “32 Amazing Pop Culture Portraits and it was just that.. A catalog of 32 indisputably awesome portraits created by our friend, the heavyweight illustrator, Mike Mitchell.

Well, Mike had some extra prints laying around and decided to rip them up. And destroy them. And then put them back together again… Which somehow resulted in a chance-encounter of perfect symmetry.

So without further adieu. Here’s 20 Reconstituted Pop Culture Portraits that would make Frankenstein Proud.

Oh and… leave a comment below and we’ll pick a random person to send one of mike’s sold out sticker packs.

celebrity stickers illustrations by mike mitchell
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30 Skull Illustrations in 30 Days…

Our pal Gregg Gordon illustrated and published a new Skull Drawing every day for the entire month of October. We wanted to share it with our readers…


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35 Amazing Posters Celebrating “The Walking Dead”

Our friends at Hero Complex Gallery are working with directly with AMC and a horde of talented artists to create a Walking Dead Art Show of epic magnitude… Here’s 35 Posters that we wanted to share.

The opening reception will be on Friday, October 11th 2013 from 7-10pm and the show will run until October 26th.

*JasonPalmer1 copy

Jason Palmer

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