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One of our Sticker Customers Made an Awesome Unboxing Video…

Meet Hiram. Hiram is an artist and sent us his Cactus Design to make into stickers.

We printed them and shipped them and Hiram made a sweet unboxing video.

Thanks Hiram.


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A Kitty with an Eyepatch®


Fancy Seeing You Here Sarah™

Sarah makes Stickers and Paper and Sass and Cats from her HQ in Washington DC.

Check out Sarah’s work on Instagram. And buy some of her epic stickers on her Store!

 We love seeing what our customers are up to! So make sure to take your posts with #stickerobot or #stickerrobot

eye patch cat sticker
Arggghhh.. Pirate Cat Stickers.


Well Hello There, Pizza Cat.


Our Sacred Kitty of Patriotic Radness®
Our Sacred Kitty of Patriotic Radness®


Kitty Played Guitar. Like some Cat from Japan.
Kitty Played Guitar. Like some Cat from Japan.


Oh…And it goes without saying that her home made Halloween costume, made up of over 6,000 Googly eye stickers is undeniably awesome! Go Sarah, Go!

All Eyes on You, Babe..


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The “Offensive” Stickers that got us Suspended from Facebook..

Warning: If you are easily offended by a clown with semi-exposed nipples and beautifully composed oil paintings of scantily-clad blue aliens by world famous artists, stop reading now. If neither of these topics are cause for your moral concern… Please, read on.

Currently France is involved in an online censorship lawsuit with Facebook, involving a 149-year-old painting of a vagina by Gustave Courbet, a School Teacher’s subsequent suspension from Facebook, and a Social Media Empire that can not distinguish Pornography from Art.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, a sticker image that we posted to our Facebook page resulted in a similar suspension.

Granted, a priceless century-and-a-half old painting vs. a custom sticker for a local T-shirt company might not fit into the same argument, but none the less, here’s a short story about sticker printing, sharing photos of clown nipples & social media censorship..


Exhibit A. The Offending Adhesive Contraband.

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Staff Picks: 10 Custom, Hand Picked Band Stickers by Leif

Here at Sticker Robot H.Q., we see thousands of great custom sticker designs come in every year.

Every once in a while, we’ll ask one of our (rad) employees to put together a list of some of their favorite stickers from various designs that we have printed over the years…

Since Leif, our resident task master and co-founder of the company, is an avid music fan and club-hopping, live music concert goer, we asked him to put together a list of some recent memorable band stickers.

So without further Motley Crüe, Here’s 10 Custom Band Stickers by Leif. Read More

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A Sadomasochistic Pacman Sticker for the Win…

  A slew of classy PacMan® stickers that we printed for our friend Michael Whiting. Clear Vinyl. Circular. Die Cut. And Loaded with all sorts of classy 80s video game, bondage connotations. die cut pac man sticker decals

Sticker Robot Artist Profile: Steve Schumacher’s Epic Sculptures

Steve Schumacher is one of our awesome sticker customers. He is an amazing artist, who over the years has Sculpted and Designed characters from Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Lord of the Rings, Venture Bros, Jessica Rabbit, Disney and countless others…

lord of the rings gandalf sculpture sticker robot profile Schumacher

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Pirate Ghost Stickers

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Fresh Off the Press: Bad Robot Vinyl Stickers

We proudly printed some Custom Vinyl Stickers for JJ Abrams’ Company, Bad Robot Productions.  Abrams is a producer, director, screenwriter and has more than a few blockbusters under his belt, including the recent Star Trek films, which were surprisingly actually pretty damn good, the LOST tv series, a Mission Impossible or two and the hugely anticipated, upcoming Star Wars VII.

custom bad robot stickers

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Custom Coffee Stickers

we love coffee. our customer is loveland coffee. they love custom coffee stickers. they put their custom coffee stickers on their coffee thermoses. now they have custom coffee thermoses. did we say that we loved coffee…?

coffee shop stickers

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25 Awesome Examples of Business Card Stickers

If you want to make a branded statement about your business that your fans can share in the offline world, then business card stickers are the answer. People can put your one side of your business card anywhere and keep the other side with all of your information. In this post, we’re going to share ways you can use business card stickers as a part of your offline marketing strategy, 25 cool examples, and some best practices so you can get the most advertising for your business.

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