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A Super Custom Sticker Robot…

Check out this Awesome Sticker Robot Character Steve Talkowski made for us!
a customized sticker robot
An Epic Custom Modeled Sticker Robot by Steve Talkowski!
Steve is a Content Creator, Character Designer, and Modeling & Animation Director and he loves a good Robot! Follow this link to see more of Steve’s wok and to Play with the Sticker Robot Mascot in 3D! From Steve, “This was a WIP from awhile back that I recently revisited to experiment with both Keyshot rendering and Substance Painter maps rendered inside Marmoset Toolbag.”
custom sticker robot
Keyshot3D Render
Original character design by our pal Reuben Rude
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Awesome Sticker Design – From Illustration to Printing

Some call him the Vin Diesel of Adobe Illustrator. Others call him the Terence Trent D’Arby of Vector, but most people call him by his real name Hydro74. Regardless of what you call him, this guy’s got serious skills with a mouse and he can point and click with the best of them.

Watch Hydro74‘s sticker design process video below and get some FREE Stickers!

custom sticker printing

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Ban Comic Sans Stickers

bancomicsansOur old friends Dave and Holly Combs, the couple behind Sticker Culture magazine, PeelZine were recently interviewed by The Huffington Post, along side world famous typographic engineer Vincent Connare (the inventor of the ubiquitous and globally despised Comic Sans font face) about their ongoing sticker campaign entitled “Ban Comic Sans!

Years ago, the couple who considered the Comic Sans Font to be a blight on the landscape of typography, prompted them to create a series of Ban Comics Sans Stickers which over the past several years, have been plastered all over the planet.

Here’s a link to the Story on Huff Post. Make sure to watch the video as well. It’s great.


ban comic sans

san comic sans vinyl stickers

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10 Silkscreen Poster Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram (Part1)

silkscreen sticker and poster artists to follow on instagram

Here at Sticker Robot, we love the art of silkscreen. We love it so much that we built a business around it. Yep, Printing silkscreen stickers.

Silkscreen printing is an ancient technique, started in China thousands of years ago and we employ it everyday. The print medium takes lots of time and effort, but there’s no denying the extreme level of quality when you hold a silkscreen print (or sticker) in your hands… The thick ink, the textural feel of the material, even the smell of the print itself.

Like a fine wine or a custom cobbled pair of dancing shoes, once you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to go back to drinking ripple from a box and wearing crocs to the ballroom.

A while ago, we posted a feature on 10 Sticker Artists To Follow on Instagram. It was highly adhesive. Sometime thereafter, we made another blog post called, 10 Visual Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram which shared links to some great working artists.

This time, because of our affinity for the craft, we’re putting together a list (in no particular order) of 10 Silkscreen Poster Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram.

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Wacom Cintiq Companion 2: A Casual Review By A Graphic Artist

So, you read the title and have obviously clicked to read my inner most thoughts on the Wacom (pronounced: “W”- “æ/ə/eɪ/o/” -“com”)* Cintiq Companion 2.
Either that, or my racy meta tags tricked your favorite search engine into a stop off in Dissapointmentville®. Either way, here we are. So let’s talk about the new portable Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. 

First, Some Confessions…

Confession I: I love technology. Even the questionable stuff.
Confession II: I am platform agnostic. I don’t dismiss options based on personal preferences.
Confession III: As a result, I don’t think Microsoft is the pc devil.
Confession IV: I once stole a caramel from the supermarket and lived with that guilt for years.

I make those confessions so you know that as a designer, I’m not laying naked with my Apple products while thumbing my nose at the perceived ‘corporate greed/band-wagon-hate-train’ of Microsoft. (The irony being quite palpable in the era of iterative iDevices, not withstanding.)

And my last preface, is that if you really wished this product was BOTH cheaper and ran Yosemite, you might want to think long and hard about what you just said before that premium-priced-paradox creates a rift in the space/time continuum worthy of causing the Enterprise-D to encounter the long missing USS Enterprise-C!**

Working on the Companion 2 with any Bluetooth keyboard isn’t necessary thanks to the Express Key’s and ability to create On Screen hotkeys. Unfortunately, old habits die hard so i still have a keyboard around for now…

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A Robotic Rock Poster in Progress…

Over the past several years, we have been curating a custom silkscreen poster series for the band Primus. So far we’ve made over 100 unique posters, each for a different show, created by maybe 70 different artists in all.

The entire series thus far can be seen here.

A few night’s ago, we unveiled a Rad Robotic Primus Poster by design studio and vector pros, DKNG. and they made a great progress video of their process. Check it.


Check out more poster details here!

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Amazing Hand Carved Star Wars Crayons!

Even though the “May the 4th Be With You” Madness can get a little tiring, we are always big fans of (Pre-Annakin) Star Wars, Pop Culture references, especially when it has to do with carving crayolas with a tiny blade to make undeniably awesome Chewbaccas 


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50 Super Iconic Marvel Comic Hero Illustrations

Not merely content with creating the most stunning array of pop culture portraits, and then later reconstructing them; The ridiculously talented illustrator, Mike Mitchell has outdone himself. Again.

This time Mike has teamed his talent with Mondo Gallery and a (small indie comic) publisher named Marvel to incite a collective aneurysm amongst comic nerds and pop culture aficionados the world around…


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30 Skull Illustrations in 30 Days…

Our pal Gregg Gordon illustrated and published a new Skull Drawing every day for the entire month of October. We wanted to share it with our readers…


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