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A Video: Stickerobot Silk Screen Sticker Printing & Die Cut Stickers

  Silk Screen Sticker Printing & Die Cut Stickers! Here is a video we made with gomedia about our custom sticker printing process, focused on silkscreen stickers &  die cut stickers the die cut stickers that the video was focused on were custom made for the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest this summer (2013). more details about the project soon. (and make sure to stop by youtube and leave a comment!)
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One Dozen Multi-Colored, Custom, Vinyl, Die Cut Stickers from the Fine Folks at Karmaloop

We have been printing vinyl die cut stickers for our friends at Karmaloop for nearly a decade. Over the years they have printed thousands and thousands of custom die cut stickers. Typically they print various sticker designs based on the company logo. Here is an example of a recent sticker printing session, where we silkscreened 12 different die-cut stickers in various color ways, all based on their original logo. vinyl die cut stickers
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Spraying Bricks – Documentary Series On Street Art Culture

One of our awesome sticker customers, Louis Jensen / KNG LAD from East London, is raising money for a homegrown, creative project, called Spraying Bricks. Louis’ mission is to share the creative process of inspirational street artists via online videos. And among other things, he’s giving away Sticker Robot printed #Sprayingbricks Stickers! I know we are all becoming numb to the multitude of Kickstarter campaigns that we see posted every week, but this one deserves a look… Give the video a view. Dude’s genuine. Project is cool. Kickstarter Link. black and white silkscreen sticker printing
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New! Custom Die Cut, Vinyl Stickers from The Crew at “Doe Eyed Design”

Our pals at Doe Eyed Design Just released an Awesome Sticker Pack! (Details Below.) custom made sticker packs Read More
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Custom Vinyl Stickers for Web Comic, “Doctor Cat MD”

Fresh Off the Press: Doctor Cat MD is a comic about a cat who is also a doctor. We’re not gonna lie, Doctor Cat MD Rules. We printed some Super sweet Custom Vinyl Stickers for  “Doctor Cat MD” & we added a comic and links after the jump.

custom vinyl die cut stickers

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A Big Ol’ Pile Of Assorted Die Cut Stickers…

Here is a photograph of some custom printed Die Cut Stickers from various artists and sticker designers….

a photo of some die cut stickers

In no particular order, Super sweet, diecut silkscreen sticker designs by Travis Millard, Brand Baron, Hi-Fructose Magazine, Munk One, Emek, Tumblr, John Howard, and David Lanham…. 100% Adhesive Awesomeness.

Vinyl Blog Stickers for Commercial Director/Photographer Team, Angela and Ithyle

Angela and Ithyle are the highly creative couple who make up the talented Directorial team, called…. You guessed it, “Angela and Ithyle.custom vinyl stickers for your blog Read More
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A Time Lapse Video of 250+ Outdoor Stickers

Over the course of a couple months, using an iPhone app called “Everyday,” the enigmatic artist known only as Zoltron, who happens to be writing this very post about himself, peeled and adhered a couple hundred custom printed outdoor stickers and made a simple time lapse video…

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Some Custom Printed Die Cut Stickers by Design Company, Doe Eyed

The silkscreen poster printing and anti-advertising agency, “Doe Eyed” just printed some super rad diecut stickers with us. You can Follow Doe Eyed on Facebook here. #GoDoe!
custom die cut stickers
The Sticker on the left is Bananas. The Sticker on the right is a Bad Idea…
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Classic! Our “Sticker Robot” Vinyl Stickers Spotted on a Tiny Car in Montana

This is good. Our custom printed vinyl stickers spotted adorning the window of a seemingly tiny car, on the streets of Montana. Somehow they got the entire Sticker Robot Mascot collection that we printed a few years ago..

The big question is.. What the hell kind of car is that ? It looks like a one seater to me.. But for all I know about cars, it could be a Hummer…

stickers for your car windows

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