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Good Works Sticker Project

Good Works Sticker Project Featuring Tragic Girls Co. in Support of NAMI

Sticker Robot’s Good Works Sticker Project Presents…

A Limited Edition Sticker by Katie Mansfield / Tragic Girls in Support of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Each Order will receive the limited edition Tragic Girl silkscreen sticker and 100% Mega Baddie Bookmark Sticker. Amazing Artist. Rad Sticker. Good Cause.. It doesn’t get any badder than that.

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Limited Edition OBEY Sticker in Support of Planned Parenthood

Sticker Robot’s Good Works Sticker Project Presents…

Update: Thanks to Shepard and the Obey Giant team 🙌❤️ and ALL OF YOU!!   This sticker generated $8,000 in support of Planned Parenthood (EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS!) And wait for this…

A generous donor offered to DOUBLE all gifts to Planned Parenthood on November 29th, So that makes our donation $16,000!!!

We have never been happier to be a part of this amazing community of artists and activists. Thank you all!!!

A Limited Edition Sticker by OBEY in Support of Planned Parenthood. planned parenthood sticker with obey giant

We are so proud to announce the next artist in our Good Works Sticker Project .

Our Fall 2022 Campaign kicks off with art by our friend, world renowned artist Shepard Fairey.  Shepard chose to donate sales from his limited edition “Justice Woman” sticker to Planned Parenthood. 

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A Sticker Fundraiser with Artist Mab Graves

Sticker Robot’s Good Works Sticker Project Presents…

A Limited Edition Sticker by Mab Graves in Support of The Trevor Project. 

Mab’s incredible artwork is inspired by her dear friend and artist, the late Martin Harris. Sales from this sticker will be donated to The Trevor Project: the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people.

Mab Graves is an incredible artist and human being and we are thrilled that her gorgeous new sticker marks our first release as a part of The Good Works Sticker Project  ❤️🤖

Please read below for Mab’s own words on what this project means to her.

Update! YEEEEE!! This is our happiest post of 2022. Thanks to the incredible @mabgraves and ALL OF YOU this sticker generated $4,685 in support of @trevorproject. We are going to round that donation amount up to $5000. (That’s FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!)

What an amazing community you all are. And to Mab ❤️, thank you for being both the most inspiring artist and the most inspiring human.

This fundraiser is officially closed, but the amazing work of @trevorproject continues and that deserves the biggest THANK YOU of all. ❤️🤖

Pricing transparency: Total Purchase Cost is $6. $5 per sticker will be donated to: The Trevor Project. $1 of purchase cost will be used for postage and handling.

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“Cats Ur Vote” Stickers by Casey Weldon

Thank you!! The Vote Sticker Sale has concluded.
With your help, we generated $1280 and donated it to the ACLU to help fight voter suppression. The biggest THANK YOU to Casey Weldon and ALL of YOU for your support. You are the best sticker community!

vote stickers 2020

Once again, we teamed up with our friend, prolific kitty aficionado and talented artist Casey Weldon. We’re offering an adorable reminder to Get Out and Vote in this years election! Seriously, It’s Meow or Never!

Order as many 5 packs as you want and pass them out to ur friends.

Order now

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A Community Storytelling Project with Stickers…


With a thought provoking, deeply involved community storytelling project, Artist and Social Activist Hank Willis Thomas has invited members of the public to complete the statement “The Truth Is…” In a recent collaboration with our friends at the Amplifier Foundation, Thomas has created a new Sticker Campaign, asking people around the country what THEIR truth is when looking at the impact of the US prison system on their lives. By printing thousands of thought bubble Stickers with the words, “THE TRUTH IS PRISONS ARE…” on the front with an explanation of the sticker campaign printed on the paper backing, then passing of them out around the country, the public has responded.

Sticker Front


Sticker Back


Some Serious Sticker Responses…

thought bubble stickers campaign

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FREE! National Fear Association Stickers by Emek

Our friend and talented artist, EMEK has once again unleashed his wit and graphic prowess in the form of a new Sticker Campaign mocking America’s favorite fear-mongering gun lobbyists, The NRA.

In the wake of so many tragic assault-weapon-charged acts of violence, including Colorado Springs, San Bernardino and the Paris attacks at the Eagles of Death Metal concert, the NRA once again looks to capitalize on the turbulence and warns of demons at our doors in the age of terror to promote membership.

We gave away all of our signed NFA stickers, but don’t despair… Sticker packs & T Shirts are now available, details below.

custom anti NRA stickers
Free National Fear Association Stickers by EMEK

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Free “Honor the Treaties” Vinyl Stickers by Obey Giant and Ernesto Yerena

Honor the Treaties is an organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of Indigenous Communities through art and advocacy & Sticker Robot is printing and giving away vinyl stickers (designed by Ernesto Yerena & Shepard Fairey) to help support this important cause.

free vinyl stickers - honor the treaties

You can get a Free Sticker (info below) or you can order some Wholesale Stickers from The Sticker Robot Store.
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