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Guy Loses Life Savings Playing Carnival Game, Wins Rasta Banana

Henry  lost his entire savings on a game called Tubs of Fun at a Manchester, NH., carnival. But he scored a pretty sweet Rasta Banana, so it wasn’t all a loss.. More.


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Amazing Footage of Killer Whales Playing in Wake

I spent some time in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico, the most Marine populated Sea in the world. In fact, I stepped on a Sting Ray. But nothing compares to this footage of Orcas partying in the wake of the boat, captured  by a couple off of La Paz… Epic. (thanks steve)

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Hello, Mother of Dragons: New Game of Thrones Trailer

How am I supposed to get any work done when there’s a new extended Game of Thrones trailer available to watch over and over and over…

And while we’re on the topic, Did we ever show you the Khaleesi Stickers that we printed for Awesome Artist, Megan Lara ?

custom vinyl sticker khaleesi

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A Russian ‘Lord of the Rings’ Illustrated Book

While we’re on the topic of Hobbit illustrations.. Can’t go wrong with these Precious Russian Hobitsses…

This Gollum illustration would make a mighty fine Sticker…
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A Little Tolkein Book to Brighten your Day…

Let’s forget about Stickers for a minute and cherish the warm mental embrace of a Jolly Shireling named Bilbo… For Kids.

a photo of a children's hobbit book

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The Most Amazing Sticker Ever Printed..?

Someone sent us an image of “The Most Amazing Sticker ever Printed..”  Whether it’s actually a sticker or not is up for debate, but it is pretty damn amazing.

an amazing sticker
An Amazing Sticker by an Anonymous Master
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Be Street

It seems like all of our homies were there. Hydro74, MishkaNYC, Any40, L’Amour Supreme, not the mnetion the Be Street crew themselves…

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