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Some Super Siiiiiiiick Custom Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets

Fresh off the Press®. We printed some Custom Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets for our friend, the super talented David Lanham.

Check the Sticker Interview we ran a ways back with David. And stop by his shop and buy some!

kiss cut sticker sheets

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How to Design Custom “Kiss Cut” Sticker Sheets for Your Band

stickers for my band

How Do I Make Stickers for My Band..?

This tutorial will show you how to make your own band stickers as multi kiss cut sticker sheets that are ready for printing; but at the same time teach you how to design a compelling band logo! You might already have a band logo, but this post should give you some insights if you want to tweak it or come up with a cool new sticker design. You’ll want to think about how you can take your new design and turn it into other merch down the road but for now let’s just focus on stickers… Read More

Using Kiss Cut Stickers for Promoting Your Projects! An Interview with Author-illustrator, Joyce Wan

Here’s a Great Interview with Joyce Wan, one of our customers who printed some awesome kiss-cut stickers to promote her children’s book, “You Are My Cupcake.

She talks about different ways that she markets her book releases, and does a good job explaining what Kiss Cut Stickers actually are. Give it a read! Then Go Buy her Book, linked below. :))

a kiss cut cupcake sticker

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Custom Printed Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets featuring Web Comics, Pon & Zi

What started in 2004 as a series of doodles of Jeff Thomas’ simplified characters, Pon and Zi, slowly and organically began to grow into a series of successful webcomics that paved the way to stickers, posters, toys, a beautiful book and a large following of adoring fans….

custom kiss cut sticker sheets
a custom kiss cut sticker sheet by ©jeff thomas

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