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A Car Covered in Stickers… Literally. Covered.

car covered in stickers

Oakland based artist, Nite Owl recently put together an epic “Sticker Art” show called Slapocalypse 3 in Oakland, CA.

A long abandoned and soon-to-be-towed Chevy Bronco was parked nearby and became the subject of a mass public stickering, which is kind of like public ridiculing or a public stoning, only on a vehicle, not a medieval witch.

Anyways, here are some photos of the fully transformed, sticker-covered “Slapmobile.”

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Classic! Our “Sticker Robot” Vinyl Stickers Spotted on a Tiny Car in Montana

This is good. Our custom printed vinyl stickers spotted adorning the window of a seemingly tiny car, on the streets of Montana. Somehow they got the entire Sticker Robot Mascot collection that we printed a few years ago..

The big question is.. What the hell kind of car is that ? It looks like a one seater to me.. But for all I know about cars, it could be a Hummer…

stickers for your car windows

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Cool New Bluetooth Stickers for Finding Lost Things….

Are you the kind of person who always loses the remote control ?

Maybe you get off the couch, head to the fridge to grab a beer and some pickled cabbage pretzels and leave your remote control in the vegetable drawer – then over the next 3 days, you tear the house apart searching incessantly for it ?

In my case, it’s the car keys. I’ve lost my keys so many times, I tried to install a clapper on the keyring – but the awkward size proved to be a bit uncomfortable in my pants pocket.

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We Donated a Box of Stickers to Cover Their Cornhole…

The local Montessori grade school called and asked us to help skin their custom made Corn Hole platforms.

At first, we were admittedly remiss when the school called and asked us to paint their cornhole for a fundraiser, but after a minute or so it became clear. They had a blank canvas and we had the means to cover it.

sticker covered lawn games

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Custom Printed “Zombie Hunting Permit” Stickers

zombie hunting season

Emergency Issue. All Residents.

Are zombies becoming a serious nuisance to your family’s vocation? Is your livelihood in jeopardy because of those decomposing, flesh eating, ex-members of the human race ?
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Dave Was Smothered by Silkscreen Stickers. R.I.P. Dave

Dave was our intern. But Dave was smothered by 1 ton of neatly organized, vinyl silkscreen stickers. R.I.P. Dave.

dave smothered by silkscreen

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Some Random Silkscreen Sticker Detail Photos…

Here’s a random sampling of some recent stickers that we printed. Take a close look at the depth of ink, the glossy UV coating… Hold them in your hands. Feel the thick Ink. Smell the freshly printed vinyl, the thick card stock paper backing…
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