Win some Clear Vinyl Nyan Cat Stickers!

We’re giving away a couple of Sweet Nyan Cat Stickers and a Singing Nyan Plush! Update: Winner Chosen…. See Below! custom printed clear vinyl nyan cat stickers

Win Some Transparent Adhesive Nyan Stickers & A Melodic Plush Cat that will Drive you Maddddd ….

What can we say. We love Nyan Cat – and over the years, we have printed thousands of Clear Vinyl Stickers for the Nyan crew. Enter below and we’ll randomly draw a winner to send a Nyan Plush and some Clear Nyan Stickers!
Full Color Clear Stickers
That’s Chris Torres, creator of nyan cat, juggling 3000 clear vinyl Nyan Cat Stickers…

Winner Winner Poptart Dinner!

With a random drawing between 1 and 201 (the number of comments that were left on this post) our RNG picked lucky #10, Mr. Harry Hitch. Harry, email us with your mailing address and we will send your Nyan Pack™.


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