A word about Herbert… And Silkscreen Sticker Printing.

herbert is an iphone game. herbert wanted to get some stickers printed…
custom die cut sticker for the herbert iphone app
our ink is 10-20X thicker than digital ink
herbert needed top shelf, silkscreen printing perfection. herbert wanted 3 gloss overcoats of clear UV protection. herbert wanted a thick card backing, aggressive permanent adhesive, weather proof vinyl, but most of all.. herbert wanted ultimate sticker quality. herbert knows to never get digitally printed stickers. herbert wants only the best stickers. herbert wants silkscreen stickers. herbert came to Sticker Robot. now herbert has the best stickers on the planet.* *note to reader: our sticker printing excellence is only outweighed by our impeccable sense of modesty.  
  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJp-162zO48 here’s a link to the herbert iphone app. go get herbert now. full disclosure. herbert is actually a misanthropical fly.
herbert custom shape bird stickers
photo by herbert
cool surf stickers of herbert
photo by Pascal Luhman
bird sticker
photo by herbert
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