Peace, Love and Sake: Custom Vinyl Stickers for an Independent Sneaker Company Called TOKYAMI

We love independent brands, artists and creative people who defy conventional career paths and have the courage to forge their own futures, especially artists and brands who understand good design and make rad stuff. We print custom vinyl stickers for an independent brand that fits that bill. They are called TOKYAMI and their sneaker line is called FISH&KICKS

Read more to see the (rad) stickers we printed for them, the official campaign video they dropped last night, and pictures of Ludacris at a nightclub rocking some Great Whites® !

great whites sneakers - fish and kicks
Great Whites, Son.
an image of custom vinyl stickers
Peace Love and Sake: Some custom vinyl stickers we printed for the brand.

Keep Preying™ | ??????????

Jimmy Yen designed the sneakers below when he was 18. He dropped out and snuck into a trade show to figure out how to start the business. He took out a loan to get the Great Whites (his first FISH&KICKS® design) made.

He released with no audience, no promo, and no advertising funds. Shit took off across Europe and eventually back to U.S. artists like Ludacris started wearing his gear. Keep your eyes on Tokyami!

ludacris rocking great whites

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