Staff Picks: 10 Custom, Hand Picked Band Stickers by Leif

Here at Sticker Robot H.Q., we see thousands of great custom sticker designs come in every year.

Every once in a while, we’ll ask one of our (rad) employees to put together a list of some of their favorite stickers from various designs that we have printed over the years…

Since Leif, our resident task master and co-founder of the company, is an avid music fan and club-hopping, live music concert goer, we asked him to put together a list of some recent memorable band stickers.

So without further Motley Crüe, Here’s 10 Custom Band Stickers by Leif.

custom band stickers acid king

1. Acid King

None more heavy… lift with caution.

Drive Fast, Take Chances

round sticker printing for bands

2. Secret Order Of Tusk

These guys were so covert that they never released a proper album.

Sick Of Living, Unwilling To Die

band bumper sticker

3. Black Cobra

Two men that deliver a massive wall of sound. Never miss them live.

Corrosion Fields

led zeppelin cover band stickers

4. Zepparella

Led Zeppelin covers played by women inspired by Barbarella? Oh, hell yes!

Dazed And Confused

die cut stickers for my band the sword

5. The Sword

Behold! Insane riffage from a warrior’s hand and a wizard’s mind.

Barael’s Blade

band sticker printing

6. Guns N’ Roses

I prefer more contemporary architectural styles, but no one has written a good song about that yet.

Mr. Brownstone

custom printed pearl_jam stickers

7. Pearl Jam

Anyone heard of them before? Nope, me either. But this guy Eddie Vedder seems to have a decent set of pipes.


custom primus music stickers

8. Primus

One of the most original bands you will ever hear. Fact.

Frizzle Fry

print stickers for my band victims family

9. Victim’s Family

Check out this awesome video by Jerrold Ridenour featuring artwork by Zoltron.

Have A Nice Day

10- rentangular band stickers

10. Mariah Carey

Not a big Mariah fan but I do love me some Nick Cannon! OK, just kidding…

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Leave a comment below! And when you’re ready to print stickers for your band, come back and place an order for some custom band stickers.

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