Free! Anti GMO Stickers (And Downloadable Artwork)

We strongly believe that genetically modified food should clearly be labeled. So we made some stickers to clearly label genetically modified food. And we’re giving them away for free…


In collaboration with Zombie Yeti Studios we created these Anti-GMO Stickers. They were designed with the intention that, since the US government refuses to label GMO food, we can simply do it ourselves.

With that said…

These Stickers are a present from Sticker Robot and Zombie Yeti Studios. Please feel free to stick them wherever you want. Our legal team however, has requested that you “Please Refrain” from adhering them to any food product packaging affiliated with The Monsanto Corporation or any of it’s subsidiaries which may or may not include common household brands on the following list, because that would be illegal and might hurt Monsanto’s feelings. (We assume that you turned up your sarcasm detector™ prior to reading this article ?)

monsanto brand list

Now About Those Free Stickers! (All You Gotta Do is 2 Things…)

This sticker is no longer available

1. Send an S.A.S.E.* to this address and we’ll drop one in the mail for you.

If you don’t want to send a S.A.S.E., you can also pay $1 to cover shipping & handling costs ($2 for International shipping) in order to receive a free sticker.

2. Share this post with your friends & Leave a comment below! We want to spread the word on this Giveaway!



* What ‘s a S.A.S.E. !?

It’s a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Simply send us 2 envelopes. One is addressed to us. Inside that envelope is another envelope, addressed to you, with a stamp on it. self addressed stamped envelope sticker giveaway from sticker robot

More Pictures of The Stickers.



Print it. Post it. Protest with it.

Zombie Yeti was kind enough to prepare the artwork as a high rez, printable 12″ by 16″ size and give us permission to let the world download it to use and abuse to get the message out anyway we can.

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