We’re Giving Away Some Free Sticker Robot Stickers…

This is a “Happy Little” Sticker Postcard that we recently made – And we’re giving them away for free… Details after the Jump.

custom shaped postcard stickers

Free Sticker Details:

If you have ordered custom Sticker Robot stickers or requested sticker samples from us in the past couple of years, there’s a good chance that one of these beautiful, custom printed sticker faced postcards will be appearing in your mailbox in the next few days..

If you are not a recent Sticker Robot customer and you still want one, all you gotta do is two things…

1. Leave a comment Below.

2. Send us an S.A.S.E. and we’ll drop one in the mail for you. (Make sure to use a 5″ X 7″ return envelope or we’ll need to fold your sticker to make it fit.)

Sticker Robot / Happy Little Sticker!

P.O. Box 1189

Woodacre, CA 94973

What the Hell is a S.A.S.E. !?

It’s a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Simply send us 2 envelopes. One is addressed to us. Inside that envelope is another envelope, addressed to you, with a stamp on it. (You better learn this method, skipper. We do these S.A.S.E. Giveaways all the time…!)self addressed stamped envelope sticker giveaway from sticker robot

Here’s some detail picture of the glorious “Happy Little” Sticker…

sticker robot sticker detail

postcard stickers


Remember to leave a comment below…


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