Who Wants Some Brand Spanking New (FREE) Sticker Robot Vinyl Stickers ?

We just printed some brand new, custom vinyl stickers of our epic Sticker Robot mascot. And we’re giving them away for free… Details after the jump.

custom die cut vinyl stickers from stickerobot.com
did we mention these delicious vinyl stickers are pretty damn big!?

OK, Robopal… How Do I Get One ? 

1. Simply head over to our G+ Sticker Community,

2. Find the Sticker  image & give it a “like” or leave a comment

3. Follow said instructions.  

Soon thereafter, you will be adhering an epic custom vinyl sticker robot to a random inanimate object of your choosing. (We’ll give em away until we run out, which seems to happen fairly quickly when we offer free stickers!)

Oh and there’s a secret Sticker Robot discount code on the back of the sticker in case you want to place an order sometime… #Sweet

Sticker Robot Custom Stickers