Pussy Riot Art

Here’s a bunch of random artwork supporting Pussy Riot, collected from various interwebs. If you find anything worthy, do send it in and credit the artist where you can.

Remember, we are giving away Free stickers to support the band. Spread the word.

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Custom Printed Game of Thrones Khaleesi Stickers

Khaleesi - Megan Lara

Custom Khaleesi stickers we printed for the wonderfully talented artist, Megan Lara. We love Khaleesi. We love Game of Thrones. We love Custom Stickers.

Here’s Megan’s FB page. She’s rad. Go Follow Her!

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Some Random Silkscreen Sticker Detail Photos…

Here’s a random sampling of some recent stickers that we printed. Take a close look at the depth of ink, the glossy UV coating… Hold them in your hands. Feel the thick Ink. Smell the freshly printed vinyl, the thick card stock paper backing…
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A graphic design student’s Sticker Robot Logo.

Taylor Pfeifer is a graphic design student in Orange County, Ca. His assignment was to create an illustrative logo for a company of his choice & he chose Sticker Robot. Thanks Taylor! Keep up the good work. We’re gonna send you a fat pack o Stickers.

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Sticker Groupies.

We printed some clear vinyl stickers for the band Xombie. They found a couple of very promising locations for adhesion.

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Custom Stickers We Printed for “The Walking Dead” Artist, Tony Moore

custom stickers for walking dead artist, tony moore

We printed some Stickers for the legendary Comic Book Artist, Tony Moore, whose creative vision for “The Walking Dead” garnered him 2 Eisner nominations. The guy’s got an insane amount of skill and among his many creative endeavors as a creator and artist, Tony has worked with Rob Zombie and has contributed to Marvel Comic’s, “Ghost Rider” and “The Punisher.”

I’d like to say that I taught him everything he knows, but the best I can do is tell you that we printed some custom stickers for him. And if I do say so myself, they came out amazing… More Tony Moore here.

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