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10 Questions with Travis Millard (Fudge Factory Comics)

On a regular basis we’ll ask a new sticker artist a series of 10 questions. To keep things simple and to engage in a deeply philosophical, long term case study of the scientifically complicated “Sticker Artist’s mind,” we’ve decided to leave the questions the same every week.

Oh… and this time, we’re giving away a Fudge Factory Adhesive Kit to a random commenter to this thread… So leave a comment, yo.

This week, we had a virtual sit down with one of our favorite underground illustrators, Travis Millard. Travis is, first and foremost, an undeniably skilled, self taught, highly prolific, untamed and original drawer of all things rad. Countless hours of pen to paper and relentless doodlings have slowly cultivated a raw and free-spirited drawing style that is unmistakably and undeniably his very own. Millard’s constant creative flow and casual, yet hard working approach to simply doing what he has always done, has established himself as a highly accomplished jack of all trades, whose creative endeavors include painting, sculpting, writing, comic-making, designing, publishing, printing, skating, eating, tweeting and purveying high quality knock knock jokes… In no particular order.

Oh and did we mention that Travis is sort of a crazed sticker fanatic ? (Ok, we may have had a slight hand in the voluntary printing tens of thousands of Millard stickers, but sometimes you gotta push a baby bird out of the nest…)

OK, without further adieu (yes, that’s French for “adieu”) here’s 10 questions with Travis Millard.

Ten Questions with Travis Millard (Fudge Factory Comics)
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