10 QUESTIONS™ with Sticker Artist and Skate Graphic Guru, Jimbo Philips

On a regular basis we’ll ask a new sticker artist a series of 10 questions. To keep things simple and to engage in a deeply philosophical, long term case study of the scientifically complicated “Sticker Artist’s mind,” we’ve decided to leave the questions the same every week.’

Jimbo Phillips makes this illustration stuff look easy. Known for his bold, iconic, skate-culture artwork and illustration, Jimbo works from his Santa Cruz, California studio, churning out Stickers, Skate Board, Snow Board and T-Shirt graphics like there’s no tomorrow. Note: We are giving away some of Jimbo’s awesome new Stickers. Leave a comment, Share this post & see details below. jim phillips skate art He is as talented and prolific as you would expect from the son of legendary Skate artist Jim Phillips. (Yeah the same Jim Phillips that drew the undeniably iconic 80s O.G. “Screaming Hand” for Santa Cruz Skates.) But Jimbo stands under no one’s umbrella. He has created his own empire and deserves nothing but respect for his cringe-worthy, confrontational, dripping, puking, eye-bulging imagery.  So let’s jump right int it. 10 Questions with Jimbo Phillips! 


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10 Completely Sticker-Covered Laptops

You’ve got your laptop. It doesn’t matter if it’s a paper thin Macbook Air, or an Alienware beast that requires three sherpas to carry it around; it’s your baby, and you want to personalize it.

Here’s a look at 10 Laptops, smothered, slathered and otherwise covered in Stickers..


laptop sticker

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Are you having a Bat Trip?

Great sticker we printed for Citizen Panic.

Are you having a Bat Trip ?


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How About 500 Free Stickers until Nov 15th ?

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Get 250 Sticker Business Cards for $99 Shipped!

Shipped Anywhere in the U.S. for Free. Full color sticker on the front. Black and white Business Card on the back. Download a template: Here Hurry! Offer expires Friday September 22, 2017.

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custom business card stickers
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Limited Offer… 250 Free Clear Vinyl Stickers!

Order 500 Clear Stickers and Get 250 FreeExpired!


Make Haste, Sticker Lovers. Offer Expires on April 14, 2017

  For 10 days only, we are offering 250 Free Clear Stickers with all clear orders of 500. (Offer is good for our regular clear vinyl, silkscreen print runs. ) There’s No Limit. Order 500, Get 750. Order 5,000, Get 7,500. That’s It. Offer is good for Re-Orders as well! The offer will expire on April 14th at midnight, so get designing! Order Your Clear Stickers Today! clear-stickers-order-now

 For Some Clear Sticker Inspiration, See the Gallery Below.
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Clever Clear Laptop Stickers for your iPhone & Mac!

Check out what proud Sticker Robot customer, Ow Li came up with for his new iPhone and Macbook Stickers… Pretty awesome.

Owli wanted to make some stickers, where his hungry characters, “Chompito” and “IRV” are eating the Apple logos.


He chose chose Clear Vinyl material, 3 custom Kiss Cuts and Back Printing for the instructions.

Step 1. Apply the black shadow sticker over the apple on your Macbook. This helps block the light from shining through.

Step 2. Carefully place IRV over the shadow sticker so that he perfectly aligns with the Apple and looks like he’s eating it! GRAWBGHGLH!!!

Step 3. Lovingly place Chompito on the apple on your iPhone.

You can follow OWLI on Instagram. AND order a set of OWLI’s Stickers from his store for $3. How’s that for a bargain ?



Truth be told, Irv and Chompito have been know to eat other objects as well.. Look out!


clear vinyl-monster-stickers

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One of our Sticker Customers Made an Awesome Unboxing Video…

Meet Hiram. Hiram is an artist and sent us his Cactus Design to make into stickers.

We printed them and shipped them and Hiram made a sweet unboxing video.

Thanks Hiram.


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A Kitty with an Eyepatch®


Fancy Seeing You Here Sarah™

Sarah makes Stickers and Paper and Sass and Cats from her HQ in Washington DC.

Check out Sarah’s work on Instagram. And buy some of her epic stickers on her Store!

 We love seeing what our customers are up to! So make sure to take your posts with #stickerobot or #stickerrobot

eye patch cat sticker
Arggghhh.. Pirate Cat Stickers.


Well Hello There, Pizza Cat.


Our Sacred Kitty of Patriotic Radness®
Our Sacred Kitty of Patriotic Radness®


Kitty Played Guitar. Like some Cat from Japan.
Kitty Played Guitar. Like some Cat from Japan.


Oh…And it goes without saying that her home made Halloween costume, made up of over 6,000 Googly eye stickers is undeniably awesome! Go Sarah, Go!

All Eyes on You, Babe..


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Black Friday Sticker Sale – 500 Free Stickers

Get 500 Free Stickers With Every Order of 1,000.
And There’s No Limit!
  It’s Simple. Order 1,000 Stickers, Get 1,500. Order 10,000 Stickers, Get 15,000. But Hurry.. Offer ends November friday sticker sale   Offer Good Until November 30th. White Vinyl, CMYK, Silkscreen Orders of 1000 & Up!
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