10 Questions with New York Sticker Artist, Ty

On a regular basis we’ll ask a new sticker artist a series of 10 questions. To keep things simple and to engage in a deeply philosophical, long term case study of the scientifically complicated “Sticker Artist’s mind,” we’ve decided to leave the questions the same every week.

Welcome to the wonderfully colorful & highly adhesive world of Ty


A self proclaimed heir to the throne of Keith Haring, this talented and ambitious New York City local, (originally from Texas) has been steadily and relentlessly beautifying Manhattan with his lovable, psychedelic sticker circus, one street corner at a time.
Every time we print one of Ty’s stickers, the mood in the room changes. It’s because TY’s full color stickers are secretly “Smile Generators™” – but be warned, too much exposure to Ty’s characters may lead to a dreamy, euphoric feeling. So please do not operate heavy machinery while reading this interview. (See below for how to score some free Ty Stickers.)

1. what makes a good sticker design?

When you’re “done” with your design – sleep on it – wait a few days before you send it to print. Look at it again and change it – add more color, lines or characters. Sometimes I’m self-conscious, even in my art and I’ll end up regretting not having gone farther with an idea than I could have. Coco Chanel said “When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on before you step out the door”… TY puts 3 things ON.

Hand drawn Ty Sticker Designs

2. what do you do with stickers anyways ?

My stickers are the physical representation of love and acceptance – each creature whether it has buck-teeth and glasses or fangs loves each owner equally and respectfully, now matter how different or odd they may look.

sticker robot interviews ty

3. if you could hand one of your stickers to any one person, who would it be ?

Stefani Germanotta

lady gaga sticker

4. silkscreen or digital ?


sticker robot silkscreen stickers for TY

5. mp3 or cd ?

I’m going on my second year in New York City and I suppose in my own way I’d now consider myself a sort of “New Yorker” – leaving me no choice but MP3 – that or the random and trashy chatter of 2 million bugaboos.

14 new sticker friends by TY

ty stickers in new york city

6. what is the last book you read ?

Interview with a Vampire

sticker printing

7. tell me 3 artists you like

Keith Haring
Kenny Scharf

ty sticker interview by stickerobot.com

8. tell me 3 websites you like


ty sticker interview by sticker robot

ty sticker interview by sticker robot

9. what would you like 1000 of ?

1000 homes throughout the world.

ty sticker interview by stickerobot.com

ty sticker interview by stickerobot.com

10. what are you working on now / what’s next for you ?

I’m constantly sending out stickers all over the world to fans and friends – I’m putting up my own shows here in New York and always looking for new opportunities to market CLOUDZ out in interesting ways: backpacks, purses, pouches, makeup cases, lunch-kits, pencils, posters, stationary, sketchbooks – the sky is the limit – literally. I came out with a line of sunglasses this summer and they sold out pretty quickly! I’m excited to release another line currently in design for Summer 2013.

tyler super rad sticker sunglasses

If you want to trade stickers with TY or just say hi, contact him here! Peruse some his stickers here. And we’re not gonna lie, the dude’s a pretty talented “Tweeter.”

Want a chance at some free stickers? Just ‘LIKE TY‘: From now until November 1st visit facebook.com/CLOUDZbyTY click ‘LIKE’ and you will automatically be entered in a chance to win a hand-drawn envelope filled with couture creations from the color king himself – hand painted goodness paired with a set of the latest Fall 2012 STICKEROBOT silk-screened CLOUDZ creation. Good luck!!

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