10 Questions with print artist Mike Mitchell

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1. what makes a good sticker design?

I’m still trying to figure that out, but I’m gonna go with clarity. If it’s not being seen, or understood, it’s not really working. 

2. what do you do with stickers anyways?

I like to put them in places where I know I’ll get a chance to see them again. 
Mike Mitchell Smile Round Stickers

3. if you could hand one of your stickers to any one person, who would it be?

A tall person. Mike Mitchell Mondo Beer Mug

4. silkscreen or digital?

Mike Mitchell Clear Skull Kid Sticker

5. streaming or vinyl?


6. what is the last book you read?

In the Shadow of Man by Jane Goodall.

7. tell me 3 artists you like?

Mark Whalen
Ryan Duggan
Lorien Stern

8. tell me 3 websites you like?

In the year 2019, all websites are bad and you shouldn’t use them. 

9. what would you like 1000 of ?

hours in a day

10. what are you working on now / what’s next for you?

I wish I knew.
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Not quite done with this, but here’s a preview of a new print I’ll have at the @staticmedium booth during @mondocon.

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