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The Little Chemical Company That Could

Once upon a time, there was a giant chemical corporation that produced one of the most toxic chemicals in the world. It was called Agent Orange and it was used by the American military as part of their chemical warfare program in the Vietnam war. It was used, successfully to kill hundreds of thousands of people.

50 years later, that same corporation is going stronger than ever, and today it produces the most commonly used pesticide in the world. It’s called Roundup® and it’s used to kill broadleaf plants, weeds primarily (but in turn, it kills and/or toxifies insects and worms birds and gophers and fish and anything else that happens to be in the food chain.)

In the past decade or so, the corporation has shifted it’s primary focus as a chemical corporation to a food company. Bio-engineering to be exact. Through bio-engineering, they produce chemical steroids for cows (Bovine Growth Hormone) which is injected into dairy cows to increase milk production. They genetically modify plant cells, where organisms are exposed to radiation or chemicals to create a change to the plant’s genetic makeup.

On the positive side, this allows the plants to potentially withstand harmful insects and diseases and chemical pesticides (like their very own Roundup®). Production of hardier crops and bigger corn kernels, more milk and most of all.. more profit for the CEOs, corporations and investors. But the negative side is massively dubious – and aside from obvious health concerns, it is simply not sustainable.

We’re not scientists. Or Famers. But we’re with Germany, Ireland, France, Austria, Greece, Hungary, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Japan, and all of the other countries have a ban on any Genetically Modified Farming.

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