Free Sticker Back Print Until May 1st at Midnight.
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back print on stickers

Did you know we can print on the BACK of your Stickers? Yep. We can do Black & White Back Printing on the paper backing that peels off. It’s great for extra information that you want people to see, without cluttering up your Sticker Design…

Add Logos, URLS, Clothing Sizes, Political Banter, Romantic Poetry, Company Manifestos, More Art, Molotov Cocktail Recipes…

OK You get the idea.. Simply Place Your Order and use code: “FREEBP

Offer good on one design of up to 1,000 silkscreen stickers.

Setting up your file is easy. 

For common shapes like circles, squares, rectangles, ovals – and anything that is a mirror image from left to right – simply replace the front artwork with your black and white back print art. (The same bleed & safety rules apply.)

For complex shapes, you will need to flip your die line horizontally to create a back print template, otherwise your sticker back will not match up. See the example below from notorious sticker aficionado, ABCNT. Read More about Back Printing here.

sticker back print

Simply Place Your Order as usual, and use code: “FREEBP