Make Your Own Sticker Packs in 4 Easy Steps

how to make custom sticker packs DIY

We LOVE a good “Do it Yourself” project. In fact our love of DIY screen-printing and art-making is why we created 20 years ago.

In that time, we’ve printed hundreds of millions of stickers and created over 100,000 sticker packs. Now it’s time we shared our top secret (and extremely simple) formula…

Sticker Packs make your Stickers Look Better

Selling loose stickers is cool. Selling Sticker packs is a whole lot cooler.  A sticker pack is basically a really nice presentation and honestly… who doesn’t like a really nice presentation ?  

Of course, we can make your Sticker Packs for you, but maybe you’re on a budget, maybe you wanna employ an army of wayward hooligans from the neighborhood, or maybe you just wanna break out the glitter and hot glue guns.. Regardless of the WHY, let’s talk about the HOW.

OK, here’s what you’re gonna need.

Sticker Pack Ingredients

4″ x 6″ Open-End Bags
Card Stock Printer Paper
A Stapler
Downloadable Header Placard Template

Step 1. Print some Stickers

custom sticker packs

Step 2. Get some bags from your local art store or online 

clear baggies for making sticker packs

Step 3. Download our PDF template to create and print a foldable header card.

header cards or placards for DIY sticker packs

Step 4. Fill the bag with stickers and staple the header card on the bag.

do it yourself sticker packs

Sticker Pack Achievement Unlocked

custom amde sticker pack!

That’s it. Pretty damn easy, right ? If you get inspired, you can download some sticker templates and get to work.

And remember we can build your sticker packs for you too, but this is a great DYI method of making your own, quick and cheap.

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