Kiss Cut Sticker Sheets

Kiss Cut Stickers

How do I set up a custom sticker sheet?

Setting your stickers up for multi-sticker sheets is pretty straight forward once you get the hang of it.

The main thing to remember is… You need a full 1/4″ between each cut line. That means each kiss cut needs to be a 1/4″ from the dieline and from other kiss cuts. So where 2 kiss cuts are side by side, there is 1/4″ total.

Essentially, regular bleed and safety rules apply for each individual sticker. So each kiss cut needs its own 1/8″ bleed and safety. The bleed and safety should match, so if there’s shifting during cutting, it will cut through the same background. For example, if you have white inside the kiss cut line, then you need to bleed that white an 1/8″ outside the kiss cut line.

When you order a sticker sheet similar to the image to the right, you are ordering a rectangular sticker the size of the overall sheet, with the number of kiss cut locations you want to include. You can learn more about ordering your own custom kiss cut stickers here.

If you need help, we’re always available! Just contact us.

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