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Help us Decide Which Stickers will be in our New Custom Sticker Packs!

Our adhesive loving friend, and vinyl adoring comrade, the Talented Mr. Hydro74 has drawn up some RAD new pop culture sticker characters for our upcoming Stickerobot vs Hydro74 Custom Sticker Packs. You may remember our Hydro74 Interview from a couple months back…

Anyways, we love them all, but they all can’t make it into the pack. Can you help us narrow it down to the best 5 or 6..?

Please leave a comment below and let us know which numbers you like the best!

custom sticker packs


Be Street

It seems like all of our homies were there. Hydro74, MishkaNYC, Any40, L’Amour Supreme, not the mnetion the Be Street crew themselves…

Sticker Robot Custom Stickers