Black Lives Matter Stickers

Free for the cost of a Stamp

Much like all of you, we’ve spent our recent days in a state of deep reflection on the ways in which we (as a company, as individuals, as artists) can better stand against racial injustice in this country.  We are acutely aware that performative activism by companies serves no one.

Now more than ever there must be a continued push for change in this country from the giant corporations down to small businesses like us.

We are currently printing and giving away this sticker to promote solidarity, to stand against racial injustice and to help support the message: BLACK LIVES MATTER!  

The stickers are free (2 for the cost of the stamp.)
We'll give these away until we run out!
One order per person please, so everyone can get one.

Sticker Size: 3" x 2.5"
Quantity: 2 Stickers per Envelope

Out of stock

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