Mab Graves' Fundraiser

Fundraiser Closed. Thank You!

Thanks to the incredible Mab Graves and ALL OF YOU this sticker generated $5,000 in support of Trevor Project. (That's FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!) What an amazing community you all are.

This fundraiser is officially closed, but the amazing work of @trevorproject continues and that deserves the biggest THANK YOU of all. ❤️🤖

A Limited Edition Sticker by Mab Graves in Support of The Trevor Project

With art by the incredible Mab Graves inspired by her dear friend and artist, the late Martin Harris, sales from this sticker will be donated to The Trevor Project: the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ young people.

Pricing transparency: Total Purchase Cost is $6. $5 per sticker will be donated to: The Trevor Project. $1 of purchase cost will be used for postage and handling.

Sticker Size: 5.5" X 3.75” Extreme Quality Silkscreen Limited edition of 1400 only

Good Works Sticker Project is an ongoing series of limited edition stickers by incredible artists printed by us here at Sticker Robot. Sales of the stickers printed as a part of this series will be donated to an organization of the artist’s choosing. ❤️🤖

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