Product Disclaimer

Product Disclaimer

If you are ordering stickers from Sticker Robot, you are ordering silkscreen stickers. Silkscreen printing produces the highest quality stickers available, but there can be certain limitations in successfully printing various designs using the CMYK silkscreening process.

We go to great lengths to educate our customers about our complex printing process and so that they can best optimize their sticker designs for silkscreen CMYK printing. Our four-color process uses 120 line colored transparent dots. What may seem like a solid line in the original artwork will now be composed of dots.

Silkscreen Ink

We use copious amounts of UV ink. The ink is forced through a screen onto the sticker material. Certain designs or elements of designs will not work well in our process. They are the following:

  • Regular or condensed type below 8 points that is any color but black.
  • Reversed out type against a solid background 8 points or less that is any color but white.
  • Type of any style of 10 points or less that is any thing but black against a picture.
  • Outlines or surround lines that are less than 2 points.

CMYK Colors

With CMYK silkscreening we are working with process color, so there can be very minor resulting streaks and dots. The subtle dithering is entirely due to the CMYK process. It can be more noticeable with certain colors than others. In order to get a large area of solid color, it may be necessary to do a custom Pantone run with chosen spot PMS colors.

4-color process printing, both silkscreen and digital can produce some slight color variation and because web and monitors (RGB) are a different color spectrum than print (CMYK), the color on your stickers may vary slightly from the color in the digital file.

With all CMYK printing across all industries, some color shift is common. In fact the same sticker printed at different times can produce slightly differing colors. It can fluctuate based on environmental conditions, like humidity and temperature. It can also depend on which machine we use or the specific ink mixture.

Although the colors are usually very close to the original file we cannot guarantee 100% color accuracy. There can sometimes be as much as a 15% color shift (somewhere within 1.5 PMS colors), either up or down. Replacement is at our discretion.

If precise color matching is important, we do offer Pantone color printing for roughly $800 per color on top of our normal pricing (silkscreen only).

Outdoor Capability

Outdoor life of stickers will depend on colors printed, usage environment, and the amount of direct sunlight exposure. We go into great depth on our effective outdoor sticker capability here.

Die Cutting

The cut on your sticker can vary as much as 3/32″ in any direction from the original position so plan your art work accordingly.We cannot guarantee the cut accuracy but we try for the tightest accuracy. Replacement is only at our discretion.


We always print a nice tight registration, but registration accuracy is not guaranteed. This is silkscreen printing not offset printing and the different equipment results in different abilities. We generally are trying to hold accuracy across the printed sheet to within a 1/4 point but it can vary as much as 3/4 of a point.


The ship date that we are aiming for is two weeks from the time we receive your payment and press ready artwork. There is no guarantee of the actual ship date. White vinyl orders of 250 & 500 and clear vinyl orders can take longer because we need to fill up a sheet before we can print your stickers. In extremely rare circumstance, the actual ship date can be as much as 4-8 weeks after the start of production.

Product Dispute

Our guarantee is to do our best to bring you the best quality sticker for the most competitive price. If you have a complaint as to quality issues on stickers you have ordered and received, there are no refunds, only reprints of the exact same design at our discretion. In the case of a dispute, please contact us. We always want to work with our customers to make sure they are happy. We may ask that disputed stickers be sent back to us for evaluation. Upon receipt of same, we will evaluate, taking into consideration the artwork provided and the list of our disclaimers shown above.

If part of the sticker design was not printed due to errors on the part of Sticker Robot, then we will reprint the file on the next available gang run. If smears, extra print marks, and blurred prints occur due to mishandled printing, though rare, will be reprinted at our discretion depending on the amount of stickers affected, the size of the mark/smear in relation to the size of the detail in the design. If it is a small percentage of your stickers we can refund that portion of your order at our discretion.


Overages and shortages are part of the gang run process. We always print 10% extra stickers and any extra stickers that are good quality are shipped to the customer at no extra charge. Conversely, we infrequently have problems like registration or imperfections that can result in shortages to your order. Please contact Sticker Robot if such a shortage occurs.

Shipping Disputes

In the event that the shipping company damages or loses part of or all of your job, contact Sticker Robot immediately. Sticker Robot will, at its own discretion reprint the job on the next available gang run.