General Questions

We keep our prices low by printing in gang runs. We take all of the week’s orders and run them together on one sheet. This means that the film, screens, and set up fees are waived

Our minimum order is for 250 stickers of a single design. Since we need to add 250 sheets per gang run, there’s no way to split orders into smaller quantities, thus the minimum order of 250.

You can place 2 orders of 250, but you will be charged for 2 orders. Even if your art files are identical in size and shape, due to the gang run process we need to treat them as separate stickers if there are any artwork or color differences.

No, there is no price difference. The reason we can offer such a good rate is that we print 4 color CMYK gang runs, so there’s no difference if your design uses 1 color or 10 colors.

Yes, simply Order Samples and we’ll mail you some of our stickers as soon as possible.

Unfortunately we cannot print one-off samples. Since we create a custom product with several days of setup (multiple films, multiple screens, and dozens of unique sticker files per gang run), we aren’t able to provide physical proofs of your stickers before we print them. We can however provide a digital pdf proof of what your sticker will look like, just add a request in the “Comments” field when you place an order.

Ooooh… I’m glad you asked! Instinctively, most people try to get a fingernail under the paper backing and peel. Instead, the trick is to gently roll the vinyl off of the paper backing. Using the pad of your thumb, simply pull the vinyl towards you. It’s like magic! Go ahead. Try it. We’ll wait… The vinyl peels back in seconds and you look like a sticker wizard.

Easiest way to peel stickers

Product Questions

Remember to design your file in CMYK at 300 dpi or greater and 100% print size. When you place your order, you can Include any special instructions in the “notes.” And don’t forget the bleed and safety areas. Indicate die lines, hole punches, and kiss cuts on separate layers. Sticker File Setup

Sticker back printing is black and white (grayscale) printing on the paper backing that peels off of your sticker. It can be used for additional artwork and information such as your URL, company logo, artwork, skew #, manifesto, or Great Grandma Prisbee’s Lasagna recipe. Sticker Back Printing

These technical printer’s terms may seem foreboding, but it’s all quite simple. Bleed is the portion of your artwork that will be trimmed off when the sticker is cut to final size. The reason we add Bleed is so that your entire image reaches the edge of the final sticker. The Safety Area ensures that all of your important artwork is kept away from blades and cutting machines. Anything outside of this area runs a risk of being cut off. Bleed and Safety Area

Yes, we do offer back splitting to allow for easy peeling. When placing your order, you will find the “Back Split” option under Extras. Please note: We use a very sharp blade to score the paper backing, which can sometimes leave very a slight visible indentation on the sticker vinyl. This is especially true for clear vinyl stickers, as the vinyl itself is transparent, resulting in a more noticeable indentation. Most customers who want easy peeling don’t mind, but we want to let you know ahead of time. :)

Because of our gang run process, we aren’t able to provide exact placement of the blades. Your sticker backing will be cut in a single random location. The goal is easier peeling, not recreating the Robo Mona Lisa.

A clothing hang tag is basically a vinyl sticker with a hole punch (for hanging on t-shirts, etc). The thick 10pt board sticker backing is printable (for sizes, web addresses, etc). Often times people use custom shapes and/or kiss cuts to make the designs more interesting. Sticker Hang Tags

Sticker face business cards are vinyl stickers printed onto thick 10pt board sticker backing. Your company info can be added to either side. A new spin on an old classic. You can get pricing for sticker business cards using our pricing calculator. They cost the same as regular stickers — the size is up to you. Business Card Stickers

All of our stickers are made of an outdoor-caliber, durable, waterproof, industrial strength vinyl with an aggressive permanent adhesive. Our stickers have a 3-5 year effective capability against any weather. Before the stickers are cut, we add 3 thick coats of 100% clear gloss UV coating. Outdoor Stickers

Yes. Once the adhesive has a little time to cure, our stickers are extremely dishwasher safe. They will last through blazing hot water and any heavy-duty, industrial dishwasher cycle you can put them through.

Yes we do. It costs the same as 4 color due to our CMYK gang run printing process.

Yes we do. We can print anywhere from 250 to Several Million Stickers. Feel free to contact us for a quote. Keep in mind, for smaller quantities (up to 20,000 stickers), custom runs or additional pantone color passes can cost approximately 4-5 times as much as our regular gang run printing. With our CMYK gang runs, film, screens, and set up fees are waived. With custom print runs, the customer incurs those costs.

Shipping & Timing Questions

Digital Printing can be turned around in about a week (or faster with a shipping upgrade.) Higher quality silkscreen stickers typically ship approximately 2 weeks after we receive your payment and press ready artwork, but can sometimes take up to 4 weeks (and in rare cases even longer.) With silkscreen printing, unfortunately we cannot guarantee shipping dates. If you do not receive tracking information from us within 4 weeks after we receive your payment and press ready artwork then please contact us.

We offer Free Ground shipping within the U.S. With digital printing, you can upgrade to express shipping. Just let us know how you want to proceed. With silkscreen printing, you can upgrade to Overnight shipping (or similar Express service) which may help meet your deadline. Rushed shipping does not affect the turnaround time of 2-4 weeks for printing.

Once you log in to your account and click on Order Details you will see your order status. Here’s an explanation of the list of our various production terms.

Yes, we do! Just go through the ordering process and you will get an instant online quote.

We offer support primarily via email. We are more readily available by using our contact form and will respond in the order emails are received!