Obey Giant Fundraiser

Fundraiser Closed. Thank You!

Thanks to Shepard and the @Obeygiant team 🙌❤️ and ALL OF YOU this sticker generated $8,000 in support of @plannedparenthood (EIGHT THOUSAND DOLLARS!) And wait for this… A generous donor offered to DOUBLE all gifts to Planned Parenthood on November 29th, So that makes our donation $16,000!!! We have never been happier to be a part of this amazing community of artists and activists. Thank you all!!!
With art by our friend Shepard Fairey. Sales from this limited edition sticker will be donated to Planned Parenthood. Pricing Transparency: Total Purchase Cost is $10. $8 of every purchase will be donated to Planned Parenthood. $2 will be used for postage and handling and material costs. Each Order will receive the limited edition "Justice Woman" silkscreen sticker, the classic Obey logo sticker and our Sticker Robot mascot.
Sticker Size: Giant 5" X 7"
Extreme Quality Silkscreen
One time only print edition of 1000

In Support of Planned Parenthood, Stickerobot.com will be making a donation in support of their important mission. To learn more about Planned Parenthood and make a donation visit their website.

Good Works Sticker Project is an ongoing series of limited edition stickers by incredible artists printed by us here at Sticker Robot. Sales of the stickers printed as a part of this series will be donated to an organization of the artist's choosing. ❤️🤖

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