Vote Sticker (5 sticker pack)

Thank you!! The Vote Sticker Sale has concluded.
With your help, we generated $1280 and donated it to the ACLU to help fight voter suppression. The biggest THANK YOU to Casey Weldon and ALL of YOU for your support. You are the best sticker community!

"Cats Ur Vote" Stickers (5 Pack)

Once again, we teamed up with our friend, prolific kitty aficionado and talented artist Casey Weldon. We're offering an adorable reminder to Get Out and Vote in this year's election!

Seriously, It's Meow or Never! Order as many 5 packs as you want and pass them out to ur friends.

The Details:

  • $10 for 5 stickers
  • Extreme Quality. Silkscreen Printed. Die Cut Stickers.
  • Free US Shipping
  • 100% of Proceeds donated to ACLU to fight voter suppression

All proceeds will be donated to The ACLU, who among other things, are deeply engaged in advocacy and litigation across the country to fight harmful voter suppression.

Each Order Contains 5 Stickers!

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