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Some Glorious Mikeland® Sticker Packs

custom sticker packs for mike michell

Welcome to Mike’s World. Here’s some process pics of some recent Custom Sticker Packs we printed for the crazy talented Mike Mitchell.

We Like Mike. You Will too. Go Buy some Mikeland Sticker Packs and celebrate the awesomeness that is Mike. These are custom CMYK screen-printed stickers. Seven per pack, around 4″ – All custom Die Cut and printed on Clear Vinyl.

One Big Happy Sticker Family..
Uncut Silkscreen Stickers on Press
Happy Stickers for Happy People.
Hello Skullie.
Some Completed Sticker Packs
Card Stock, High Gloss Placards.
custom sticker packs for mike michell

You can Order some Mikeland Sticker Packs directly from Mike.

Also, take a look at 32 Amazing Pop Hero Portraits by Mike.

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How to: Easy Home-Made Stickers Packs!

custom home-made sticker packs

Hi. I’m Zombie Yeti, a freelance illustrator (with a heart of gold.) Recently I was asked to attend a gaming convention on very short notice. I needed to shill some wares and sling some merch, so I decided to make some quick and easy Sticker Packs. Here’s my simple home-made sticker pack formula.

(Editor’s Note: We’re giving away some of Zombie Yeti’s Sticker Packs. Like and Comment below to be entered for random drawing!)

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Stern Pinball 30th Anniversary Sticker Packs

Stern Pinball 30th Anniversary Sticker Pack

This past October 18th at Viper Alley, in Lincolnshire Illinois our resident sticker-lackey-pinball-fiend-turned-pinball-artist, Zombie Yeti, had the honor of creating a rad set of exclusive merch for Stern Pinball’s 30th Anniversary Epic Party. Of course that merch package included stickers! In fact, it included an epic Sticker Pack that we at Sticker Robot were happy to create!


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New Artist Sticker Packs!

Announcing our brand new Artist Series Sticker Robot Sticker Packs! 14 High Quality Stickers for $12 (Free Shipping in U.S.) custom sticker packs

Heavyweight Artists = Heavyweight Robots®

Series One features our beloved Sticker Mascot as imagined by the unruly, creative minds of some of our favorite artists, including original artwork by Morning Breath Inc., Travis Millard, Skinner, Reuben Rude, Yema Yema, Zombie Yeti and Hydro74.
Each Sticker Pack comes with 14 stickers, doubles from each Artist
Hydro 74 and Zombie Yeti, Together Again
Skinner and Yema Yema
Reuben Rude and Travis Millard
And the undeniable Morning Breath Inc
Defeat The Humans. Rule the World. Order Some Packs!
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New Zoltron Sticker Packs!

We printed a big run of Custom Stickers and Created some RAD Sticker Packs for Sticker Aficionado Zoltron. Go get some!





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Brand New Hydro74 Sticker Packs

Lions and Wolves and Rams. Oh. My….
Brand new Hydro74 Sticker Packs Available Now


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New! Custom Die Cut, Vinyl Stickers from The Crew at “Doe Eyed Design”

Our pals at Doe Eyed Design Just released an Awesome Sticker Pack! (Details Below.) custom made sticker packs Read More
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Custom Made Sticker Packs

Custom Made Pop Culture Sticker Packs are available at the Sticker Robot Store. $10 Each.

sticker packs made for you


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Custom Sticker Packs Garbage Pail Kids® Artist, John Pound & Craze One

John Pound, The Legendary Artist behind the highly collectable Garbage Pail Kids®, Wacky Packages© and MAD Magazine, teamed up with Adam White (AKA Craze One) to release these Super Sweet Custom Made Sticker Packs (With 10+ Clear Vinyl Stickers Printed by the self-proclaimed Legends at Sticker Robot… )

Available for $15  The Super Slime Time Snack Pack! 

Oh and when you’re done buying the sticker pack, make sure to take a look at  the John Pound GPK checklist.

sticker packs

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Help us Decide Which Stickers will be in our New Custom Sticker Packs!

Our adhesive loving friend, and vinyl adoring comrade, the Talented Mr. Hydro74 has drawn up some RAD new pop culture sticker characters for our upcoming Stickerobot vs Hydro74 Custom Sticker Packs. You may remember our Hydro74 Interview from a couple months back…

Anyways, we love them all, but they all can’t make it into the pack. Can you help us narrow it down to the best 5 or 6..?

Please leave a comment below and let us know which numbers you like the best!

custom sticker packs


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