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I'm Voting Sticker Pack

Today we are so excited to announce that @superloveproject is offering a FREE “I’m Voting” sticker pack to the first 100 people who order via the link in our bio.

Never underestimate the power of a sticker to remind your friends and family (and anyone who sees your car!!) to VOTE!!! Read More

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FREE! National Fear Association Stickers by Emek

Our friend and talented artist, EMEK has once again unleashed his wit and graphic prowess in the form of a new Sticker Campaign mocking America’s favorite fear-mongering gun lobbyists, The NRA.

In the wake of so many tragic assault-weapon-charged acts of violence, including Colorado Springs, San Bernardino and the Paris attacks at the Eagles of Death Metal concert, the NRA once again looks to capitalize on the turbulence and warns of demons at our doors in the age of terror to promote membership.

We gave away all of our signed NFA stickers, but don’t despair… Sticker packs & T Shirts are now available, details below.

custom anti NRA stickers
Free National Fear Association Stickers by EMEK

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Digital Sticker Drawing. A Timelapse Process Video.

Here’s a look at the talented illustrator, Zombie Yeti’s digital drawing process for some self-GMO-labeling stickers that we recently produced.

These custom stickers were designed with the intention that, since the US government refuses to label GMO food, we can simply do it ourselves. We gave them away for free on our blog until we ran out and we wanted to show you Zombie Yeti’s creative process on his rad sticker design. Read More
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Free “Honor the Treaties” Vinyl Stickers by Obey Giant and Ernesto Yerena

Honor the Treaties is an organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of Indigenous Communities through art and advocacy & Sticker Robot is printing and giving away vinyl stickers (designed by Ernesto Yerena & Shepard Fairey) to help support this important cause.

free vinyl stickers - honor the treaties

You can get a Free Sticker (info below) or you can order some Wholesale Stickers from The Sticker Robot Store.
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The Jon Stewart HOPE Parody Sticker Giveaway!

Jon Stewart is an American political satirist, a television host, an actor, and stand-up comedian. Jon Stewart is also an AWESOME sticker.

If you leave a comment below, such an undeniably awesome sticker could be yours! (details following the jump…)

hope sticker parody

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High School Teacher Fired Over “Political” Bumper Sticker…

An Arizona High school English teacher named Tarah Ausburn put a Bumper Sticker on her Prius. In fact, all in all, Tarah put about 30 political bumper stickers on her Prius….

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Pussy Riot Stickers

Want Some Stickers? Get em before they’re gone. Click This.

pussy riot stickers

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Free “Free Pussy Riot” Stickers!

Update: The “FREE PUSSY RIOT” Stickers are all gone. We gave away several thousand and finally ran out. Thanks for spreading the word!

free pussy riot stickers by stickerobot

Free the Three.

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