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A Car Covered in Stickers… Literally. Covered.

car covered in stickers

Oakland based artist, Nite Owl recently put together an epic “Sticker Art” show called Slapocalypse 3 in Oakland, CA.

A long abandoned and soon-to-be-towed Chevy Bronco was parked nearby and became the subject of a mass public stickering, which is kind of like public ridiculing or a public stoning, only on a vehicle, not a medieval witch.

Anyways, here are some photos of the fully transformed, sticker-covered “Slapmobile.”

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Classic! Our “Sticker Robot” Vinyl Stickers Spotted on a Tiny Car in Montana

This is good. Our custom printed vinyl stickers spotted adorning the window of a seemingly tiny car, on the streets of Montana. Somehow they got the entire Sticker Robot Mascot collection that we printed a few years ago..

The big question is.. What the hell kind of car is that ? It looks like a one seater to me.. But for all I know about cars, it could be a Hummer…

stickers for your car windows

Cool New Bluetooth Stickers for Finding Lost Things….

Are you the kind of person who always loses the remote control ?

Maybe you get off the couch, head to the fridge to grab a beer and some pickled cabbage pretzels and leave your remote control in the vegetable drawer – then over the next 3 days, you tear the house apart searching incessantly for it ?

In my case, it’s the car keys. I’ve lost my keys so many times, I tried to install a clapper on the keyring – but the awkward size proved to be a bit uncomfortable in my pants pocket.

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