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Open Call: “Sticker Phiends” Sticker Art Show!

Our friend MADONE is putting on a Sticker Show in Phoenix, Arizona (October 2014) ‘Sticker Phiends’ will be a showcase of local and international adhesive, street and graffiti artists. The show will feature adhesive art and other interactive activities, plenty of sticker giveaways, limited edition prints and other mixed medium works produced by showcasing artists.


Please send in posters/stickers for our installation piece (no larger than 24x36in.)

-Artwork you would like to display please have the following included:

(Ready to hang, artist info and price) Reminder the gallery will be taking 50% of sales so please price accordingly.

Send Your Stickers to:

Sticker Phiends Submissions

PO BOX 62703

Phoenix AZ 85082

If you have any questions regarding submissions/sponsoring the event or shipping please contact

[email protected]


A Car Covered in Stickers… Literally. Covered.

car covered in stickers

Oakland based artist, Nite Owl recently put together an epic “Sticker Art” show called Slapocalypse 3 in Oakland, CA.

A long abandoned and soon-to-be-towed Chevy Bronco was parked nearby and became the subject of a mass public stickering, which is kind of like public ridiculing or a public stoning, only on a vehicle, not a medieval witch.

Anyways, here are some photos of the fully transformed, sticker-covered “Slapmobile.”

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Outdoor Stickers: 60 Amazing Street Art Sticker Combos and Collaborations

Somewhere around the turn of the century, when hordes of people were preparing for an upcoming apocalypse called Y2K, an artist named Chris and a computer science major named Kevin, housed in a small apartment in Staten Island, both inspired by graffiti culture and a growing creative underground street art scene, set out to create and chronicle the creative endeavors of fellow outdoor Sticker Artists and Street Artists around the world… They called their project, Robots Will Kill. 

Robots Will KIll vs Under Water Pirates

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Sticker Robot Custom Stickers
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