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Instagram, Silkscreen Stickers, and Corey Feldman as Batman

You like the Instagram? Yeah, so do we. Follow us over here. We can discuss the finer intricacies of high quality silkscreen sticker printing, Ben Affleck as Batman, and the many sweaters of Bill Cosby…

Here’s a small sampling of silkscreen stickers that we posted over the last couple months. Click to embiggen. Oh and we do Sticker Giveaways all the time, so make like a shadow and follow us .

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Free! Anti GMO Stickers (And Downloadable Artwork)

We strongly believe that genetically modified food should clearly be labeled. So we made some stickers to clearly label genetically modified food. And we’re giving them away for free…


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Anyone Wanna Instagram ?

We’re on Instagram. Come Join us. We can discuss the finer intricacies of high quality silkscreen sticker printing, rainbows and highly adhesive diabolical hotdogs!

Here’s a small sampling of images we posted over the last couple weeks. Do a Clicker for a closeup. And Check Our Sticker Page on Instagram.

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This is Sticker Robot’s Google+ Page. There are Many Others Like It, but This One is Ours….

We are finally starting to dig our proverbial heels in and generating some fresh sticker related content over at our Google+ space.  We also recently set up a Sticker Community. So if you wanna get all intimate with us and discuss the deep adhesive meaning of all things vinyl, there’s no better time and there’s no better place..

Join us in G+ Land!

sticker community google plus +

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We Asked Sticker Fans for Captions to Photos…

On our Sticker Robot Facebook Page, We asked our friends & followers to add their own Captions a series of photos that we posted… And some of them are pretty damn good!

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Our New “Sticker Community” Sticker Giveaway!

We set up a “Sticker Community” on Google.. And we called it Stickers.” 

To celebrate the launch, we’re giving away THREE Sticker Packs from Obey Giant, Zoltron and Sticker Robot !

sticker pack giveaway
we’re giving away 3 custom sticker packs!

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The Official Sticker Robot Pinterest Page

every time we come across a photo of a sticker that we printed, we pin it.  the more we pin, the better it gets. the better it gets, the more we pin.. follow us on pinterest!

custom made stickers on pinterest

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We so Social….

If we’re not taking this relationship too fast, I do think it’s time we should really take it to the next level and pin, tweet, like, flick, post, vim, clip, flip, toast and generally get social with each other… What do you say ?

Click the Robot, follow the links & feel the warmth of the loving embrace that is us. Together. For ever. And ever…


social robot

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