Custom Printed “Zombie Hunting Permit” Stickers

zombie hunting season

Emergency Issue. All Residents.

Are zombies becoming a serious nuisance to your family’s vocation? Is your livelihood in jeopardy because of those decomposing, flesh eating, ex-members of the human race ?

Well, before you can legally hunt Zombies, you need to apply for a Zombie Hunting permit. And before you apply for a Zombie Hunting permit, you need to be prepared.

The permit application procedure is actually quite simple. The first step is to head over to Zombie Targets and buy a sticker.

We know the stickers will hold up to any apocalypse, because we printed them. In fact, it’s safe to say that all custom sticker printing from Sticker Robot, in addition to being extremely weatherproof and elementally durable, is in fact, quite armageddon-resistant.

Step number two is to patiently await the postal worker (hopefully he or she hasn’t been turned) While you are waiting, it’s a good idea sharpen your machete. A sharp machete is paramount. In fact, this should really be rule #1, but  I digress.

When your Zombie Permit Sticker arrives, simply adhere it to the back window of any vehicle in your general proximity, but before adhering, please make sure that any dust, lint or brain matter is not present on the vehicle’s window. A clean adhesion is a good adhesion.

And that’s it. Now you can safely and legaly go hunt Zombies.

Oh and remember, please decapitate and burn all remains.

Love, Sticker Robot

zombie hunting stickers printed by stickerobot

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