FREE! National Fear Association Stickers by Emek

Our friend and talented artist, EMEK has once again unleashed his wit and graphic prowess in the form of a new Sticker Campaign mocking America’s favorite fear-mongering gun lobbyists, The NRA.

In the wake of so many tragic assault-weapon-charged acts of violence, including Colorado Springs, San Bernardino and the Paris attacks at the Eagles of Death Metal concert, the NRA once again looks to capitalize on the turbulence and warns of demons at our doors in the age of terror to promote membership.

We gave away all of our signed NFA stickers, but don’t despair… Sticker packs & T Shirts are now available, details below.

custom anti NRA stickers
Free National Fear Association Stickers by EMEK

The National Fear Association

Listen.. This is no way an attack on our constitutional rights or our personal freedom. After all, we are practicing our beloved 1st amendment rights as we speak. It is however, an attack on the NRA and it’s relentless lobbying for profits over people. It’s high time we expose those who would seek to control us through fear – solely for their financial gain, and what better way to start the conversation than by displaying a shiny new NFA sticker ?

But first, as a prime example of NRA’s fear mongering, here’s a recent ad campaign by the NRA, featuring a dialog by their leader Wayne Lappiere, ominously edited over foreboding music…


You and I didn’t choose to be targets in The Age of Terror... But Innocents like us will continue to be slaughtered in concert halls, sports stadiums, restaurants and airplanes. They will come to where we worship, where we educate and where we live…”  

Can you feel the tension ? Are you ready to arm yourself to the teeth ?

“But when evil knocks on our doors, Americans have a power no other people on the planet share,” referring to the Second Amendment. “Let fate decide if mercy is offered to the demons at our door.

Honestly, Old Wayne is in dire need of wheatgrass enima and a spiritual retreat…


OK, how about those Free Stickers ?

We gave away all of our signed Emek stickers, but don’t despair… Emek has affordable 5 packs available at his website. And any envelopes we receive thereafter will be honored with some different, otherwise awesome Sticker Robot Stickers.

each envelope will receive an NFA sticker and a Sticker Robot sticker
each envelope will receive an NFA sticker and a Sticker Robot sticker

Ok, here’s how you get your new NFA sticker:

1. Like this page and leave a comment below!
2. Then Send us an S.A.S.E. and we’ll drop one of each sticker in the mail for you. (legend has it that decorated envelopes will earn bonus stickers)

Just leave a comment below and send us an S.A.S.E. to:

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What ‘s an S.A.S.E. !?

Remember getting a real letter in the mail ? An S.A.S.E is a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. Simply send us 2 envelopes. One is addressed to us. Inside that envelope is another envelope, addressed to you, with a stamp on it.





Be sure to visit Emek’s Website, follow him on Facebook and then read up on Harvard’s Study obliterating every NRA lie about Guns.



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