Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut Stickers or Custom shapes are represented by a 2-3 pixel stroke (in photoshop) or a 2-3 pixel path (in illustrator) on a separate layer from your sticker art.

We prefer that your die line be colored 100% magenta, but any color will do. We will use it as a guide for cutting.

Make sure your die line is a separate layer, so we can easily remove the layer prior to going to press.

Make sure your die line is at least 1/8″ outside of your important text and graphics.

Make sure to have at least a 1/8″ bleed outside of your die line as well. Without the 1/8″ bleed and safety area, even a slight shift of 3/32″ in the cutting process can make your sticker appear to be crooked or off center.

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