10 Silkscreen Poster Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram (Part1)

silkscreen sticker and poster artists to follow on instagram

Here at Sticker Robot, we love the art of silkscreen. We love it so much that we built a business around it. Yep, Printing silkscreen stickers.

Silkscreen printing is an ancient technique, started in China thousands of years ago and we employ it everyday. The print medium takes lots of time and effort, but there’s no denying the extreme level of quality when you hold a silkscreen print (or sticker) in your hands… The thick ink, the textural feel of the material, even the smell of the print itself.

Like a fine wine or a custom cobbled pair of dancing shoes, once you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to go back to drinking ripple from a box and wearing crocs to the ballroom.

A while ago, we posted a feature on 10 Sticker Artists To Follow on Instagram. It was highly adhesive. Sometime thereafter, we made another blog post called, 10 Visual Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram which shared links to some great working artists.

This time, because of our affinity for the craft, we’re putting together a list (in no particular order) of 10 Silkscreen Poster Artists You Should Be Following on Instagram.

10Todd Slater 

Todd is a prolific poster artist and silkscreen aficionado, who posts lots of great work in progress


9. Chuck Sperry

Chuck’s use of intense oil based inks and gorgeously drawn and printed textural overlays is undeniable.


8. Marq Spusta

The detail king and master of the psychedelic kreivelers and colorful critters of all shapes and sizes.


7. Zoltron

Sure, the guy owns stickerobot.com and i’m on the payroll, but his iconic screen prints and complex color separations are always next level.


6. Ken Taylor

Australian poster artist, Ken Taylor knows his way around great illustration and beautifully printed posters.


5. David Welker

David’s drawing style is perfectly imperfect and his screen prints are always on point.



4. Rhys Cooper

Rhys posts studio images of his silkscreen work and the occasional photo of one of his 17 monitors in action.



3. Jermaine Rogers

Jermaine has been making screen prints for years, lots of tasty shots of his historic posters.



2. Drew Millward

Drew makes insanely colorful, highly tripindicular® screen prints for lots of rad bands and companies.



1. Rob Jones

Rob designs excellent posters for the Jack White and Charlie Brown. He also posts the occasional photo of a decapitated chicken dinner.



There are hundreds of amazing silkscreen artists and printers and they all deserve some more eyes on their work. Needless to say, this is part one. Part 2 to follow.

Give these silkscreen heavies a gander and let us know what you think. And make sure to share links to other poster artists and screen print heavies in the comments below.



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