20 Reconstituted “Pop Culture Portraits” that would make Frankenstein proud…

Last year, we posted what would become one of our most popular blog entries… It was entitled “32 Amazing Pop Culture Portraits and it was just that.. A catalog of 32 indisputably awesome portraits created by our friend, the heavyweight illustrator, Mike Mitchell.

Well, Mike had some extra prints laying around and decided to rip them up. And destroy them. And then put them back together again… Which somehow resulted in a chance-encounter of perfect symmetry.

So without further adieu. Here’s 20 Reconstituted Pop Culture Portraits that would make Frankenstein Proud.

Oh and… leave a comment below and we’ll pick a random person to send one of mike’s sold out sticker packs.

celebrity stickers illustrations by mike mitchell


23_bastard7 23_bastard9 23_bastard11 23_bastard12 23_bastard13 23_bastard14 23_bastard15 23_bastard17 23_bastard19 23_bastard21 23_bastardre1 23_bastardre2 23_bastardre3 23_bastardre4  23_bastardre6 23_bastardre7 23_bastardre8 23_bastardre9 23_beetlelloyd

Here’s a link to the Mike’s original Pop Culture Heroes. So good.

And remember, leave a comment below and we’ll pick a random person to send one of mike’s sold out sticker packs!

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