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12 Independent Sticker Artists to Support this Xmas Season

It’s that time of year again, where hungry consumer savages brave claustrophobic lines at corporate chain stores to battle price-savvy shoppers in a race to acquire the latest holiday trend, which as of 2013, is either the new iPad Air® or The Zombified Tickle Me Elmo (which would be pretty rad if it existed…)

Since we don’t even bother leaving the house on Black Friday, and we MUCH prefer supporting independent stores and artists, we’ve compiled a quick list of 12 Independent Sticker Artists to Support this Christmas.


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Custom (Paranormal) Cell Phone Skins by Hydro74

Our Pal, Hydro74 just released a super sick, slightly paranormal Cell Phone Skin. It’s a sticker for your iphone and it’s made of wood – by the heavies at Karvt.

Go get one and summon the long lost spirit of Aunt Velma, so you can ask her where she hid her gold teeth. (Order Here!)

cell phone stickers


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Zero Friends, Vinyl Stickers, and Fornicating Rabbit Folk…

alex-pardee-custom-stickers This week only, at the San Diego Comic Con, visit Alex at the Zero Friends Booth (#5502) to snag some vinyl stickers while they last. While you’re bumping elbows with costume-clad sweaty manga people, you can also get Mr. Pardee to sign prints and subpoena from 1-2:30pm all week. Read More

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A Trashcan Covered in Stickers…

We printed a lot of those :)) Thanks Brad!

a sticker combo on a trashcan

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A Time Lapse Video of 250+ Outdoor Stickers

Over the course of a couple months, using an iPhone app called “Everyday,” the enigmatic artist known only as Zoltron, who happens to be writing this very post about himself, peeled and adhered a couple hundred custom printed outdoor stickers and made a simple time lapse video…

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Chron Guru and Free Speech Patron, Tommy Chong poses with ABCNT Sticker…

abcnt vs tommy chong sticker

We love Tommy Chong. He’s a champion of free speech and a class act. We love ABCNT too. He’s a free speech advocate and a class act as well. Hey wait a sec.. We love Free Speech Too. That’s why we founded this fricking sticker company in the first place…

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55 Hand Drawn Celebrity Postal Stickers by Danny Martin

Danny Martin draws pop culture heroes on “borrowed” USPS labels and has amassed a collection of hundreds of totally unique stickers…

escape from new york custom sticker

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Travis Millard’s “Fun Dad” Sticker becomes a Tattoo…

Travis Millard drew a Happy dad. It is a well know fact that Happy dad’s like to Hula Hoop. We printed some custom die cut stickers of Travis’ drawing of Happy dad.

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